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和彈性一樣,能加大運動範圍的柔韌性,也同樣被大多數運動員忽視 (再一次被忽視,尤其是年紀大的運動員)。為了能夠跑得更快,肌肉需要足夠的運動範圍,這樣運動員就能花較少的力氣高效地移動雙腿。運動員的柔韌性越好,就能把腿抬得更高,因為肌肉不會限制運動。運動員可以通過主動拉伸·滾壓泡沫軸 (溫和地滾壓肌筋膜結締組織以消除疼痛和恢復運動),或進行上述的跑步訓練來提高自己的柔韌性。

Like elasticity, mobility, an increase in range of motion, is overlooked by most athletes (again, especially older athletes). To be able to run faster, your muscles need to have a sufficient range of motion to allow your legs to move efficiently with less effort. The more mobile you are, the higher you can move your legs because your muscles will not be constricting the movement. You can work on increasing your mobility through dynamic stretching, myofascial release (the application of gentle pressure to the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion), or running drills such as those described previously.

USA Triathlon.

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