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如何快速提升你的游泳運動表現?秘密就在於『 核心力量 』!




A strong core is a requirement for swimmers looking to increase speed and improve their technique. In order for swimmers to minimize drag resistance through the water, the core plays a very important role in keeping the body in a stable streamline position. Further, core muscles that are not well conditioned can lead to technical flaws and stroke inefficiencies, which could make or break a chance at the podium.


Need for Core Strength

核心對於支撐大肌肉群以幫助在水中提供動力至關重要。為了讓身體支持優越的技術,核心力量需要能夠同時承受來自手臂和腿的推進力。與陸地運動不同,游泳者必須在不在陸地的情況下產生力量。在陸地上,運動員能夠利用地面幫助產生由下肢肌肉產生的力量,並通過能量的動能鏈,然後將其釋放到他們從事的任何動作中。 由於這種差異,游泳者必須擁有強壯的核心軀幹。因此,游泳者必須在他們的訓練方案中加入鍛煉腹部肌肉的運動,以保持肌肉平衡和全身力量的均勻分佈。

The core is crucial to support large muscle groups to help power through the water. In order for the body to support great technique, the core needs to be able to simultaneously sustain the propulsive force that is coming from the arms and the legs. Unlike land sports, swimmers have to generate force without using the ground. On land, athletes are able to use the ground to help generate power created from the muscles in the lower extremities and through the kinetic chain of energy, which is then released into whatever action they are engaged in. As a result of this difference, it is imperative swimmers have strong torsos. Thus, swimmers must include exercises in their training regimens that work abdominal muscles to maintain muscular balance and equal distribution of force throughout the body.


Benefits of a Strong Core


There are many advantages that come with having a strong core both in and out of the pool. Core muscles are responsible for stabilizing the spine and the pelvis which in turn help steady and strengthen the lower extremities. For instance, strengthening core muscles facilitate increased speed and efficiency in the water as improved stability allows swimmers to better leverage larger muscles to help propel them through the water. Often our swimmers want to improve times by focusing on the power of their stroke or kick, altogether forgetting about the time they actually spend cutting through the water in the streamline position. By improving core strength, your athletes will be able to hold their bodies straighter throughout the position, creating less drag and ultimately increasing speed. A stronger core will also greatly improve your athlete’s technique throughout any stroke as the obliques and hip flexors help control the movement of the upper and lower extremities.


Improving stability and technique is undoubtedly crucial when cutting time and increasing speed through the water. Therefore, incorporating a variety of core strengthening movements in your program will prove essential when targeting these goals; helping your swimmers shed seconds in the water while also making them better athletes.

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