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The Best Freestyle Breath:


新游泳者要掌握的最具挑戰性的技能之一是在自由式中的側邊呼吸。 為什麼這項技能如此重要? 因為當你抬起頭或期待呼吸時,它會導致你的下半身下沉,造成一個更垂直的身體姿勢,從而產生更多的阻力。 呼吸時要特別注意頭部的位置,在練習側邊呼吸時,像是側身踢腿或全游自由式。 理想情況下,當你旋轉身體呼吸時,你的泳鏡應該一顆在水中,另一顆在水外。

One goggle in, one goggle out.

One of the most challenging skills for new swimmers to master is breathing to the side on freestyle. Why is this skill so important? When you lift your head or look forward to taking a breath, it causes your lower body to sink in the water, creating a more vertical body position which in turn creates more drag. Pay extra attention to your head position when you breathe, and in drills working on side breathing, like kicking on your side or freestyle full stroke. Ideally, one of your goggles should be in the water and one out of the water when you roll to breathe.

呼吸時,只有一半的臉應該從水裡出來。 水線應該在你的鼻子下面,你的鼻子和嘴巴的一半都要在水外。

Only half of your face should come out of the water on your breaths. The water line should be right down your nose, with half of your nose and half of your mouth out of the water.


Exhale right before you go to take your breath, so that you can inhale at the right moment.


Coaches often emphasize that swimmers must attention to their breathing.

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